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Joel Crafton holds multiple music awards


Recording artist JOEL CRAFTON AKA Black Pinoy brings a whole new flavor of smooth jazz with Latin style grooves and two classic hit cover tunes “Let’s stay together”, “Baby I’m For Real”.

The Song – “Panama Love” brilliantly combines Jazz and soul with Latin style grooves with aa contemporary sax sound that will keep your feet tapping to the beat.
The whole EP has something for everyone titled “Mission accomplished”.

Jazz rhythms and grooves
Accomplished- EP
Joel Crafton

Recording artist Joel Crafton aka Black Pinoy was once an EMI/Panoramic major recording artist assign to reconstruct and produce Ray Goodman & Brown and under the direction of Lenny Adams.
Joel Crafton gained musical notoriety with the song “Let’s Get Busy” that gained the attention of legendary producer James Anthony Carmichael who attempted to get Joel Crafton signed to Motown. James Anthony Carmichael was an American Grammy-winning musician, arranger, and record producer for Lionel Richie, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson. Joel Crafton continued writing and performing and wrote a song title
“If I Could Look Inside Your Mind” that gained international recognition throughout the USA, Hong Kong Singapore, and the Philippines produced by the legendary jazz artist, producer BOB BALDWIN

Bob Baldwin-Joel Crafton

he also produced “I come to you Jesus, broken down”. JOEL CRAFTON aka Black Pinoy. In addition to this song, the legendary Howard Hewett appeared in the video, and San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl champ willie Harper appeared in the video. Mr. Harper is now a pastor and did the eulogy for vanity the original bass player from the Atlantic Starr appeared in the video. In addition to JOEL CRAFTON’s musical career as an accomplished piano player Smooth Jazz, Soul, Gospel, R&B as a producer-writer and arranger and publisher of the American Society of office composers in publishers. JOEL CRAFTON sings in Spanish English and Tagalog.


JOEL CRAFTON appeared in a Burger King and Lipton tea commercial and trained the actor Billy Pervil in martial arts that gained him a Kodak commercial with actor Taimak that was the star in the movie” The Last Dragan “and in 2011 JOEL CRAFTON appeared in the movie something borrowed starring Kate Hudson. In addition to JOEL CRAFTON’s acting career, JOEL CRAFTON is an accomplished International martial artist champ with over

400 undefeated championship wins / Music

Black Pinoy- Martial arts camp

Such an incredible journey traveling the world. Being blessed to have an incredible acting teacher like Tina Satin The same acting teacher of the great actor Denzel Washington I also gained some incredible acting tips from the late

Ossie Davis / Acting and Music

As we traveled to many places to express success on multiple levels.

Musical history summary:

JOEL CRAFTON always believed in developing his musical craft beyond being an artist. Joel Crafton worked for the major record labels in key positions working for the general manager of Atlantic records and the general manager of Electra records, Warner Bros. Atco. The height of the most well-known artist JOEL CRAFTON was behind the scenes making sure the radio stations played their songs such artists like Phil Collins, Tracy Chapman, Keith sweat, Levert, ‘

Howard Hewett,

Howard Hewett Joel Crafton

Teddy Pendergrass, and many others.
In the year 2006, JOEL CRAFTON secured an elven year Music contract in

Hong Kong

in addition to the contract secured the contract of the artist who won the American idol version but was titled Hong Kong Idol in Hong Kong as Joel Crafton had exclusive rights as was recognized as a power player businessman in the music industry. Singer writer arranger artist Bobby Caldwell acknowledges the sound of JOEL CRAFTON a.k.a. black Pinoy.
“Learn The Ways Of Love”

Bobby Caldwell-Joel Crafton
Bobby Caldwell acknowledges the music of Black Pinoy


Joel Crafton-on Piano