August 13, 2020

International recording artists CEO JOEL CRAFTON had secured an amazing eleven-year completed music contract with HONG KONG and signed by the Philippine consulate. The vision of JOEL CRAFTON was to bring diversity to Hong Kong with incredible talent, as we connect the dots of talent throughout the world. The Hong Kong people have always embraced my vision with an incredible amount of respect and because of sanctions and new laws (2020) my company is not allowed to do business with Hong Kong and the BLACK PINOY office officially closed its doors. The time that I spent in Hong Kong implanted some of the best memories of any place that I’ve ever been. The president of my company is such an amazing lady from the Philippines Violet has an amazing heart being said that no matter where my company locates and opportunities open up, she will always have a voice as president. After seeing a possible $500,000 plus contract in Macau go out the window due to the coronavirus outbreak. Black Pinoy is not crippled and always finds light at the end of the tunnel. My corporate experience with major record labels as well as coming from a major record label as an artist my work stands on solid ground. So, I encourage everyone no matter where you live stay strong, hold your head up high and remember that the music game changes every day. Food for thought! “It this is not about how great you think you are it’s about the formula of people” so if someone reaches out to you don’t think for a minute that what they’re bringing to the table has no value, have an open mind and open heart and together we all will survive. Feel free to add me and friends and together we can bridge the gap.